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Waller is a law firm established in 1905, and has a history of representing cutting edge and industry leading companies in the healthcare, technology, retail, and manufacturing industries. The Fast TrackTM program is the culmination of Waller's efforts to provide our premium services to new and emerging companies at reasonable, fixed costs to the client. To learn more about Waller, go to www.wallerlaw.com.

The Fast TrackTM Program

In the Waller Fast TrackTM program, we have developed certain packages of legal services based on what entrepreneurs, in our experience, have most needed in starting their businesses. Through the Waller Fast TrackTM program, you select what package of services you would like for us to provide, and answer a series of questions designed to give us the information that we need to serve you. We will review your information to determine which of our attorneys has the most relevant experience and certifications necessary to serve you. The attorney will contact you, go over your information, and request any additional information that the attorney deems necessary to deliver the best service and outcome possible. The attorney will then provide the specific services that you have requested and report back to you with confirmation copies of all relevant documents. These documents will also be securely stored in our system for access by you and your Waller attorney(s). Using our online system streamlines the process by which we perform our services, increasing speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness while delivering the same high quality results that are synonymous with Waller.

How to get started

You may request Fast TrackTM packages individually or in combination with others, or you can get started with all of the program services at once through the Fast TrackTM Bundle for additional efficiency and cost savings. To get started, please review the services available below, create an account and then select the services that meet your business needs.

Get Started

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Patent Application

An experienced, registered patent attorney prepares and files a provisional United States patent application.

Trademark Application

An experienced trademark attorney prepares and files a United States federal trademark application.


A team of experienced attorneys form your business entity and draft operational agreements. Have an operational, investable business within the next week.

Fast TrackTM Bundle

A team of experienced corporate, patent, and trademark attorneys form your business, draft operational agreements, file a provisional patent application, and file a trademark application.